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Value Driven Imaging

Value Driven Imaging (VDI) is an integral initiative undertaken by the faculty and staff of UUHS. The mission of the VDI initiative is to ensure that each imaging exam is the right test for the right patient at the right time. Our goal is to maximize the value of imaging as a crucial component to patient care.

Multidisciplinary Committee

At the heart of the VDI initiative is the VDI committee. It’s a multidisciplinary team with autonomous governance, decision-making, and accountability for developing or modifying AUC. VDI is a subcommittee of the CDS and specifically addresses appropriate use of advanced imaging (CT, MR, Cardiac imaging, and PET). The VDI consists of multidisciplinary clinical teams, including physician champions for specific medical conditions or scenarios, an imaging expert either from radiology or cardiology, primary care physicians, biomedical informatics specialist, decision support team, value engineers, statistical support, and a project manager.

The VDI committee develops and maintains evidence-based standards specific for advanced imaging applications in common clinical conditions as well as rare clinical conditions that are often encountered in tertiary academic medical centers. These include neurocognitive and behavioral disorders. The committee conducts a needs-based evidentiary review, generates and updates appropriate use criteria for advanced imaging applications.

UUHS leverages the VDI committee for the development of the AUC and incorporates the diagnostic AUC into the prioritized Clinical Care Pathways (CCPs). Imaging tests are an integral part of the value driven clinical care process, and their interpretation has a downstream effect on treatment decisions (Figure 1).

figure 1