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Preclinical Imaging

The Precision Therapeutics Laboratory was co-founded and is directed by Matthew Alexander, M.D. The PTL investigates disorders of the cerebrovascular system and novel minimally-invasive and noninvasive therapies. Research draws on diverse specialties and merges data from multiple modalities, including advanced noninvasive imaging, angiography and endovascular techniques, bioinformatics, and focused ultrasound. 

Our projects include:


Clinical Imaging

The D-TECT Consortium

Development of a Practical Quantitative Non-Contrast Approach for Cerebrovascular MRI To establish a method for accurate and efficient carotid plaque mapping with non-contrast MRI. This is a VA Merit Grant and the Principal Investigator is Gerald Treiman, MD.

Multi-Center Implementation and Validation of Efficient Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Analysis of Atherosclerotic Disease of the Cervical Carotid. This is an NIH R01 Grant and the Principal Investigator is Dennis Parker, PhD.


Vessel Wall Imaging- Targeted Treatments (Scott)

Vessel Wall Imaging- Retrospective Review (Scott)

Cancer diagnoses in those with Acute Stroke (Hediyeh)

MRI Evaluation of Vascular Aging and Vulnerable Plaque (Hediyeh)

Integrative Work

Neurocognitive decline and Neurovascular study (Scott/Chun)

Artificial Intelligence – Kazem 

Open Graduate Student Positions

We're looking for motivated masters and PhD candidates to join us. If you are studying biomedical engineering, physics, math, computer science, electrical engineering, or a related field, please reach out and we can talk with you about projects that might be a good fit for you.

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