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Molecular Imaging and Targeted Therapy

Fall 2023
Fall 2023 -- Members (Top Row, left to right): Dr. Sixiang Shi, Spencer Carstens, Jiemin Huang, Esther Need, Dr. Shreya Goel, (Bottom Row, left to right): Ayden Berndt, Dr. Wenxi Xia, Neetu Singh, Kylee McManus, Matt Goff

We are a multi-disciplinary group seeking to illuminate drug and disease mechanisms and pharmaceutical delivery through the use of advanced imaging techniques, molecular therapeutics, and combining the two into theranostics.

Why Utah?

  Salt Lake City, Utah is a unique place with a blend of outdoor thrills, upscale city, and cutting edge research. Whatever it is you are interested in, there is something for you!
    The University of Utah is a leading institution known worldwide for excellence in teaching and research. The U boasts of world renowned faculty and modern core facilities that provide researchers with the latest technological advancements in imaging, nano-fabrication, gene sequencing, and much more.  Unsurprisingly, in 2023, the Wall Street Journal ranked the U at no. 8 among public schools and no. 43 nationally!
    In Utah, you can explore some of the country's most popular national parks after you've finished a few morning ski runs before you sit down for a unique dinner catering to any taste or craving you may have! Utah is a fantastic place to explore the outdoors, try out a new hobby, raise a family, and meet new people. With such an amazing University in such a unique state, you can't go wrong!


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